Darren Lawes

How I got hooked on Conversion Rate Optimisation.

My first real encounter with CRO was several years ago in my first successful business although I didn’t know what it was called back then.

The business was a property investment company and we where buying properties direct from the vendors cutting out estate agents and buying them cheap as a result.

To do this we needed to find people that wanted to sell their houses fast. One of the best ways of doing this was leaflet drops in the area’s we wanted to buy in.

So being in charge of marketing (through lack of a better option) I was tasked with designing a leaflet, this wasn’t too hard as I just copied one of the competitions and changed the relevant parts.

This was a technical as my marketing skills got back then!

At one point we where mailing about 10,000 leaflets per week but what was interesting as I got more proficient at marketing was learning how simple changes on the sales copy on the leaflet generated more phone calls.

I remember clearly getting an uplift in calls of about 10% by changing one simple innocuous part… Who the leaflet said to call.

When I changed the name to a woman’s we got 10% more calls!!!

This seemingly insignificant change fascinated me and started a passion for testing and optimising.

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