Darren Lawes

As of writing this 24th June 2018 Bitcoin has breached the $6000 mark, lots of people are losing their heads as Bitcoin has fallen from $20,000 around Christmas to where it is now. 

For me this isn’t an issue, I’m currently buying more crypto (not Bitcoin) the long term fundamentals for crypto are great and that is the reason for the current slump – the banks and financial institutions have noticed what great potential blockchain presents and they want in, but they are not going to buy at market value, they aren’t retail investors, these are the professionals, when they want in to a market they decide the price they want to pay and manipulate the market forcing it down to the level they want to buy at and then they keep it there until they have filled their boots. 

Currently they have been doing this for the last few months, pushing the market down by creating negative news stories and opening massive sell orders, creating panic in the market, forcing out the weak hands and then buying. 

When ever you are looking to invest a critical point to adhere to is buying assets under value, I did this with property 2006-2008, I’ve done it with Silver and Gold, I quite fancy doing it with Classic cars! and now I’m doing it with Crypto currencies. 

The market cap is currently $242Bn when the brakes are let off the crypto market it’s likely that the money pumped in will shoot the market cap up rapidly forcing Bitcoin (and the rest) to approach and quite possibly breach previous highs, this normally happens very quickly when the market takes off and in 4 weeks we could be seeing all time highs being breached! 

Now there is a good chance the Crypto bubble isn’t going to pop until at least we see a market cap of $10Tn – $15Tn based upon where the Dot Com bubble burst and a few other factors such as inflation and the extra money in circulation currently due to Quantitative Easing. 

This means that there is a long way to go before the bubble pops, just make sure you get out before it reaches those levels.

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