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Hi, I’m Darren Lawes, an Entrepreneur,  Investor and Start up founder…

I’m in the process of starting a Fintech company and am documenting the progress (or lack there of) on my podcast and youtube channels. If you’re interested in what actually happens to launch a £100m company then check them out on this site.

Here’s a short bio of me…

I started out owning my first real Business in my mid 20’s, was very successful for several years and learnt a massive amount about what it takes to start and grow a business. By 30 I was living the dream… working very little and making good money, I thought I was the dogs bits!

Not long after that I learned that I was far from it… I had unwittingly taken my eye off the game and unfortunately I didn’t notice the problems lurking with a Business partner who turned out to be Deceitful and Fraudulent, eventually everything went POP! He went to prison and I lost everything!

So I had to start again only this time I had the benefit of a lifetimes worth of experience crammed into a few crazy years! My hope is through this blog I can help you to learn from my experience running several different business’s as well as to avoid the dangers that can swallow you up.

I am crazy about anything to do with Business and Investing and have spent many years and over £100,000 searching out the best Business minds in the world from the current and the past to learn from, doing this has given me an incredible education in Business and Life and I wouldn’t change one thing.